Коленный модуль - RUNI-7100
The device RUNI-7100 is a polycentric knee module with a geometric locking system and a three-stage hydraulic control of the shifting off transfer phase based on changes in walking speed.

The main advantages
of the RUNI-7100 knee module

Increased ground clearance
Hydraulic control system
Assistance with extension
Adjustable folding function
Universal jack for connection
Geometric Lock
Multiple patient activity levels
  • 1. Polycentric design provides more natural walking;
  • 2. Geometric lock performs reliable fixation of the knee when resting on the prosthesis;
  • 3. Three-phase hydraulic system allows you to individually adjust speed of flexion and extension in different phases of step;
  • 4. The design has adjustable folding function and adjustable extension mechanism;
  • 5. Designed for four levels of patient activity;
  • 6. Presented in various colors;
  • 7. Compact size allows the use of cosmetic pads.
Коленный модуль - RUNI-7100

Philosophy – RUNI

Философия – RUNI
Keeping the Right Balance
For many amputees, age and poor health can greatly reduce mobility and self-confidence. Using the prosthesis for such people can be a challenge in itself, so feeling safe and comfortable from the first step is vital for them. The RUNI-7100 knee module has developed balance solutions for the elderly who need optimal combination of safety, comfort and mobility.
More dynamic role
The more experienced denture patient is increasingly faced with challenges of limited mobility in daily life, from shopping, to light work and long walks. Choosing the right prosthesis is critical, allowing people to actively participate in social life, return to work and travel the world. Dynamic solutions developed for RUNI-7100 will allow active people to increase their mobility and return to regular activities.
Sports opportunities
Ultimate goal for those people who return to sports or discover their passion for sports, is to fulfill their potential. RUNI-7100 knee module is designed to enable active patients to fully realize themselves in sports activities and training. The knee module withstands heavy loads and provides controlled natural movement.
The right balance of all parameters will give patients new opportunities to move more safely and more often on foot or in transport, to be active citizens of society, to gain greater independence.

Main characteristics of the knee module – RUNI - 7100

Patient information
Degree of amputation Lower limb amputation and/or congenital deficiency
Impact level from moderate to extreme
Maximum patient weight 100 kg
Product information
Assembly height 170 mm
Knee weight 700 g (without hydraulic oil)
Flexion angle 150°

The RUNI-7100 knee module is equipped with:

Delivery kit
Full set of dampers (moderate to extreme impact levels) Коленный модуль - RUNI-7100
Set of gaskets • 1 gasket 0.38 mm
• 1 gasket 0.76 mm
Damper cover for RUNI-7100 2 pc.
Heel drop adjuster (helps limit excessive heel drop and return the knee to full extension) 1 pc.
Full extension mechanism (with standard spring installed) Includes:
spring (standard)
spring (hard)
spring (increased stiffness)