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Polycentric knee module with geometric locking system and three-stage hydraulic controll

It is a versatile knee module for superior cushioning, increased comfort and a more natural patient walking.
The device is a polycentric knee module with a geometric locking system and three-stage hydraulic control of swing phase, which takes into account changes in walking speed.

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More than 4000 completed projects

30 professional specialists


Three-phase hydraulic control and heel movement adjustment allow you to adjust reaction of the knee module in different phases of flexion and extension for individual adjustment of walking style


RUNI knee module is suitable for 4 levels of patient activity


Maximum knee flexion angle of 150 allows kneeling


Geometric lock function ensures safety of resting on the prosthesis and convenience of knee bending when walking


Polycentric design tightens the shin in mid-flexion, reduces toe catching on the ground, reduces hip fatigue and provides a more natural walking


Fully mechanical design without electronics and pneumatics is designed for three years of active use


  • 1. Interchangeable dampeners allow full knee extension to be adjusted to patient preference and activity level.
  • 2. The knee module withstands moderate to high levels of impact such as walking and occasional running.
  • 3. The device is intended for multiple use by one patient.
  • 4. RUNI-7100 is used as part of a lower limb prosthetic system.
  • 5. Full extension mechanism is an optional feature. This mechanism is a removable spring block that creates constant force aimed at straightening the knee. Full extension is recommended if the patient is unable to extend the knee and engage geometric lock.
  • 6. Warranty service for three years.
With the knee module RUNI-7100 you get the opportunity to make your life more efficient and comfortable.

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